Friday, March 30, 2012

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SL Men, Want More Mesh Fashion? Share Your Avatar Sizes (Update: Broken Link Fixed)

ENTENTE SL male fashion

Click here if you want more mesh-based fashion for your male avatar, and share your avatar proportions. It's a survey being conducted by ENTENTE, a well-known SL brand, to create a new line of mesh clothing. "We are currently working on a lot of mesh items and we realised, just as with women, mesh is not 'one size fits all' for men either," as the site explains. This poll has been pushed by mesh master creator Damien Fate, who said on Plurk, "The goal has almost been met but needs a final push to get the total number of avatars required to make a nice average set of shapes." NWN style columnist Iris Ophelia in turn pointed it out to me, noting how valuable this could be, "especially given how many guys whine a me in the comments about mesh availability." And yes, this means you also have to share your "Package" size. But at least it's anonymous. And I'm sure all your packages are leviathan anyway. So click here to take it already.


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Adeon Writer

My request is simple: Mesh Hair for Men.

Why? It's not a matter of there currently being a limited selection, it does not exist at all period. Try finding some. You won't.

Seven Overdrive

I thought you weren't a real virtual man in SL unless all your sliders were pushed to 100. Good luck with getting normal looking average sizes.

Adeon Writer

The best way to get a feel for what sizes people want are to offer cheap resizing for any purchase. Cheap enough for people will go for it. By doing a few custom resizes, you'll quickly get a handle on what most people want. (And you can check your backlog of custom sizes so you sometimes won't need make one for every request.)

Adeon Writer

By the way Hamlet that first link doesn't work for me.

Hamlet Au

Ack, thanks, fixed!

jo yardley

If only all avatars had realistic scale sizes with some relation to the prims, then you wouldn't have this issue unless you purposely decided to be huge or tiny.

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