Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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This SL Pic is Full of Awesome (But Little Post-Processing)

SL Fashion Photo Graphic Dix

This Second Life fashion photo by Mr. Graphic Dix is full of awesome detail and exuberance. (Click here to embiggenate.) He shot it to show off the styles of Reda Bertolucci and Emilie Freund, owners of Not So Bad, and as is often the case with Mr. Dix (in real life a graphic artist near Milan), he's made it something even more sublime.

The goal, he tells me, is to highlight that these clothes are mesh, so he wanted to depict them in more than one pose, bending and adjusting to the avatars' movements, while still being "elegant enough to keep them in the fashion field", as he puts it.

"Because of that reason, I choose a minimal warm ambient [setting] with nothing inside but the light from the ceiling and a very good reflecting brass texture to [convey] the idea of the empty space all around the avatars..." Post-processing was minimal: Basically, superimposing two shots and accentuating the lighting. Queen Watanabe helped Graphic with the concept and modeling.

See much more of Graphic Dix's work here, and my posts about two of his images here and also here.


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Harper Ganesvoort

"Embiggenate?" Yo! you got mad street cred, fo' shizzle!

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