Tuesday, April 03, 2012

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Blaze Borgin Builds Mesh-Based Terrain in Second Life

A humanoid lizard named Blaze Borgin has been building physics-enabled mesh-based terrain, to make the ground under his scaly feet seem much more realistic, and the results look like this:

"Adding physics to the mesh allows the use of functional terrain surfaces made from mesh objects," he explains. "This eliminates the need for invisible prims placed under phantom sculpties. Proper texture painting can give the illusion that you are actually walking on terrain." Because when you're a six foot bipedal reptile who likes to chill on a floating tire, the last thing you want is unrealistic terrain.


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Meh, a bit late to the party. I did that as far back as Jun, 2011:


(I just didn't make a video :-) )

Masami Kuramoto

I did that in February 2011. :P


What mesh brings to the terraforming table is the option to use subtractive modeling. Think caves, tunnels, subway stations, underground cities. It's all possible now.

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