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Friday, April 06, 2012


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Vax Sirnah

Maybe it would be a good (and saleable) article to do some in-depth investigation on their claims.

Ananda Sandgrain

Some reading between the lines on their claims probably would be a good idea. Entropia only seems to get any notice at all because of these huge valuations assigned to the money, but it doesn't take long to realize that other virtual worlds such as EVE Online and SL could quote much, much larger numbers. I believe SL's theoretical $Linden valuation makes its economy larger than some countries, doesn't it?

At least until everyone tries to cash out this theoretical value at one time. Then it turns out to not be worth much at all.

Metacam Oh

Alexa traffic rankings are meaningless Hamlet. Its based off a percentage of users who use the Alexa toolbar, and the only people who use the Alexa toolbar are webmasters trying to boost their own traffic on there.

GoSpeed Racer

I've visited Entropia over the years beginning in 2003 and all I've ever encountered is people "Sweating" and harvesting. I've seen no evidence of socializing, warfare, or community building of any kind. Something is going on but it's eluded me. Eve is light years beyond Entropia with corporations, gangs, and mercenaries competing for resources and elbow room.. It's hard to be a loner in Eve if you want to get anywhere.


I second Vax's suggestion.

Hamlet, I'd love to read an in-depth investigation of all the claims I've heard from Entropia over the years. And I bet lots of other folks would too.

Put on your investigative reporter hat and get all Donald L. Barlett on 'em!

Hamlet Au

That could be interesting, but unfortunately, that kind of reporting would take a lot of time and resources, and that costs money. I wonder if I launched a Kickstarter, how many people would pledge to see it written. :)


For the last two years I have been watching Entropia closely as they introduced the Cryengine, converted game assets, and introduced the planet partner system to encourage third-party content creators. I'm fascinated by the system they've developed but never enough to actually spend much time inworld. I suspect you're probably right about the reported earnings being exaggerated.


I wrote a long response, but I can't for the life of me get this blog to post it, in short the website above is wrong, the main website is under the first planet partner title.


@Hamlet, are any journalists using kickstarter to fund investigative reporting? If not, you could be the first. And that in itself could be a fascinating story within the story.

Arcadia Codesmith

Entropia is a casino. You pump money in hoping for a big score, or spend hours and hours "sweating" for pocket change, and you hope you hit the big pot that'll make you rich. Fact is, most people who put money in lose it, and most who put "sweat" equity into it burn out in a few weeks.

There is also good reason to take those huge land transactions with a grain of salt... or a whole shaker full.

All in all, if they were just a little more straightforward about how they're ripping off their player base, they'd be Second Life in space.

Nalates Urriah

Entropia is a huge grind. I found the game tedious.

The graphics and AI characters are interesting.

Everything one builds seems to be oriented toward helping people grind faster.

I don't remember land deeds. I may have to go back to see what they are doing.


"Entropia Universe is claiming that a single user has made $2.5 million"

Perhaps you should do a little more research. They are not claiming this at all.

They are claiming that someone has invested this much money into the game to purchase the land deeds.

I've played the game for 4 years, I do not doubt this kind of money is flowing.

Anyone who bases their assessment of the game on 'sweating' has not really played the game in its entrity.

Here is my records from the month of feb for my in game transactions. (mining only, doesn't include any of my hunting, or shops, or p2p trades)


I do agree however that they do focus too heavily on the big ticket sales, but this is going to be the case for any company, they will highlight more of the 'news worthy' stuff over the mundane day to day activities or normal average customers.

Butch Butch Carisbrook

To be honest your article isn't much use

Your first sentence is totally wrong, no one made 2.5million on land deeds but someone did invested 2.5million in land deeds so that in istelf is very misleading.

The entropiauniverse.com website would hardly be used by the players as each planet has it's own website, i have played 5 years and think i have been there once in the last 2 years.

www.entropiaforum.com - Mindarks main site for players
www.planetcalypsoforum.com - Main site for Calypsians
www.planetarkadia.com - Main site for Arkadians
www.neverdie.com - Main site for Rocktropians
www.nextisland.com - main site for Next Islanders

As far as making money in the game it's hard but possible, i myself took in 110k ped (10,100 US dollars) in 1 month period on the release of a new space vehicle called a Quad but i have been playing and skilling as a crafter for 5 years and i caught a lucky break, right place right time kind if thing.

Players come in and expect the same results after a week or two and well frankly it just isn't going to happen.

There are many people doing ok in the game and enjoying the entertainment factor, yes it can be damned expensive but then so can a fishing boat or a 4 wheel drive it just depends what you are intersts are.

People who think they can install a game for free then become rich are obviously off with the fairies and are usually the ones with all the complaints mainly because they didnt become rich.

It's a complex game that takes years of play and that's what keeps me playing, plus the costs do kull the annoying little shits from other games so it's mainly an older player base which appeals to me after many hours taking crap from kids in Battlefield 3 :)

All i can say is i enjoy it and i've done ok for the last 5 years, i have equipment worth 25k US and Skills worth 12k US and 5 years of good entertainment, compare me to someone who likes fishing and bought a 30k US boat and has fished for 5 years and i bet i got more of my money than he has still (bait, tackle, equipment) all my gear is virtual so it never gets old of snaps :)

goodluck and whatever game you play have fun with it.

Butch Butch Carisbrook


It's the Quality, not quantity.

I don't think you've considered the type of players we have.

This game is not for kids, and not everyone can play it, yet. This will change in about a year.


I must agree with the previous posts.

The article is extremely badly researched and simply wrong (facts stated by other users). I am what you would call an investor in EU and have over the years made transaction worth over 100.000 USD. Although Mindark takes their time, they have up to this date paid every single penny any user ever withdrew.

Entropia is not second life, is not WOW, its an adult game with real challenges and unless you are happy to invest large sums, you are in for a long grind and that grind will be challenging.

WOW ... every baby can play wow, you cannot NOT advance, EU is another story so even though it has considerably less players, the players that do exist are each more valuable to the economy as opposed to 100 WOW players.

Go, deposit 20 USD and try it, take a good luck and THEN write an article


Hamlet Au

I've corrected how I described who acquired $2.5 million in Entropia, thanks for pointing that out, those who did.

"www.entropiaforum.com - Mindarks main site for players"

According to Alexa, its traffic rank is 426,967, much lower than the official Entropia site. It doesn't even show up on Google Trends: "entropiaforum.com has no data available for ranking".


I go in there off and on, and have for years. It's always full of players.


Try http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/forum.php


Alexa Rank of planetcalypsoforum is 72,893

Hamlet Au

OK, thanks, that's interesting. However, secondlife.com's Alexa ranking is 2,922, and Compete.com says that Entropia site only gets 6,635 users:


Has the company reported how many monthly unique users Entropia has?

Grimyth Salty qq

Entropia Universe is a Dynamic ever changing virtual world that offers opportunities to those who can put the time in and enjoy a challenge. I Started playing this game over 2 years ago. In this time I have met a huge diverse culture of people from all over the world.
Recently I made the move to start investing into Land Areas and the tax system which offers players the opportunity to build their own Business with in the game itself. The company I am a part of is known in game as BIG Industries.
You may also be familiar with entropiatracker.com and entropialife.com our new Loyalty rewards based site that will feature a Rewards program to participants who visit and access our land areas within the game. Rewards program will offer player base to benefit from globals and HoF's (in game advertising for accomplishments) in the form of Laptops, Gift Cards, and in game merchandise.
In short the game has proven to be very profitable if you wish to invest and build your own empire, business, shops and services. The new user base is constantly growing and the new planet partners are capturing new accounts world wide. Virtual worlds will continue to develop and as with any new business opportunity being in on the start will reap benefits later on.

Big Industries
Grimyth Salty qq (Avatar)
Todd Hartman


I'm playing EU since a lot of years. With occasional breaks, but in the end a lot longer then any other game I ever played. Lemme add some info.

You are right, it's hard to determine how many ppl are playing actually. The numbers that MindArk provides are pure BS, they just count every account ever made. This is wrong, for sure. Estimates in the EU forums are that there's 10k - 20k active players, with accordingly lower numbers for "on line at the same time". I'd guess about 5K for this, at good times.

Judging from the web sites doesn't make sense, too. EntropiaUniverse.com for instance is rarely visited by any player, usually the players only come there to deposit fresh money, or to download a list of their possessions. All action and information is in the forums, but there are many of then now. Every planet has its own. You cannot count these, too, because a lot of players will use more then one, I for instance am usually logged in to 5 of 'em ...

About the sales: I think the numbers are correct. There's a lot of money moved in EU, and even if the $2.5 Mil. could be a fake deal of MA itself, there's still $3.5 Mil. for the other land deeds, and these have been sold to players. We could see then getting sold in the auction, and we could see who bought them.

EU is quite different to any other game I know, there's actually items that are sold for $30K - imagine! My avatar might yield about $3K if I'd sell out and withdraw, and this is more then I ever deposited ;-) Not much more, but more.
It's a crazy grind, for sure, and it's made to keep you busy for years and years, and there's a quite heavy gambling aspect in it. Too much for my taste, meanwhile. But on the other hand it's all up to you how you're spending your time (and your money). I rarely deposit anymore at all, and still my value is slowly rising. This can be a lot of fun.

Don't concentrate on this "sweating", it's close to useless. It's only there to keep them newbies busy. You'll earn, in a whole week, what you could earn flippin' burgers for an hour ... Doesn't make sense, and the market for sweat is dead anyways.

EU requires a quite high initial deposit. You actually buy your skills, either directly from other players, or with your activities (that give skills, but cost money to perform). With a carefully crafted set of skills, and approbate gear, you can play for nearly nothing - but don't underestimate the work to reach such a state! It requires reading a lot of forum posts, analyzing the game wiki, studying the in game marked and finding the perfect niche for your avatar. This is a very challenging task. And can be a lot of fun.

Finally, an advice to estimate the player numbers, or the amounts of money moved:

Check EntropiaTracker.com, there's all those "great loots" (PED 50+) recorded. These great loots are relatively rare, depending of the stakes used - if you kill monsters that cost $4 (40 PED) to kill, you'll quite often have a loot beyond the magical PED 50, and you'll shine up in the tracker. If you're busy with cheaper activities you'll rarely reach this threshold.

Or have a look at the in game auction - you'll be surprised how much stuff actually is sold, and for what prices. Be careful, you'll end up in MA's fantasy number when registering, and it's a multi-GB download :)

Hope I could provide some information, and some biased opinion.

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