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Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Adeon Writer

I don't think there's anything about Minecraft that's inherently for males. It seemed pretty neutral to me. I don't know why they have higher ratio of female players; perhaps because other games are so driven to attract males that Minecraft stands out? Dunno.

Adeon Writer

To append, because I forgot to actually say my main point:
The majority of Minecraft players I have played with personally (not counting public servers) have been female. :) Darn, I thought was just a rockstar.


Um, obviously women are going to investigate. It's a fun game, and it's both creative and challenging. Notch made a good game and didn't screw it up with bad marketing that less attracts men than more drives away women. :)


IF you take note, the screenshot used is for just the US region. Reproducing the same search and selecting "All regions" from the drop down, you will see the Daniel's instinct is correct and it has a majority of male visitors. US stats may be skewed by parents keeping into a game that seems to have addicted their children.


I'm a woman who plays Minecraft. When I go looking for a game, I don't choose based on "girlishness". I'm an adult, making it pink isn't going to make it more appealing. I'm just looking for a game that's fun and doesn't actively drive me away with sexist imagery or culture. Minecraft does that. It's a great game with nothing in it that would actively drive away female players, it's not even excessively violent. Why wouldn't a girl want to play it just as much as a guy?

Vanadis Falconer

-Girls are human to! said the Yankee surprised.
If I compare with Second Life, I can see that a there are more female avatars than male.
And Second LifeĀ“s "getting married" marketing was a real flopp in Europe and Scandinavia.
And If you need technical help you get the best answers from woman.

Alexandra Rucker

Minecraft is gender neutral - you get out of the game what you put into it. Men and women are on equal footing in minecraft, it is not "skewed" to favor men's skills over women.

Jo yardley

I am a woman and I don't like minecraft, but that is because I am a very visual person who remembers the 1980s game look and is not attracted by seeing that again.
If minecraft had good realistic graphics, I'd probably enjoy it more.
As for gender specific games, I've always played games that appealed to me, many of them would not be classified as "girly games" except perhaps 'The Sims'.
For as long as I can remember i've enjoyed games that involved racing cars, shooting people, blowing up stuff.
Sorry to mess up statistics and preconceptions.

foneco zuzu

Same with Me, despite all creativity that minecraft can envolve, one that used spectrum 86 can only wonder how can still be users for fuggly games, when there are Sylkins and more amazing graphic games!
Perhaps cause there so many hooked on the small I phone screens?

Pussycat Catnap


Womenz iz can to readz and use dah electrical-mah-jiggies nao?

This is 2012, why are folks still surprised that there are women-folk out there who are -NOT- barefoot, pregnant, stupid, and illiterate?

If this had been about tribal pygmy Africans living on the open plains - if 58% of Minecrafts users were such Pygmys... then yeah, that would be news.

But this is women, and most of us are not in Afghanistan... women are allowed to read. And they can use electricity...

And you know what... about 58% of people are women.

So the news here? Hello, its not 1812 anymore. Dah womens iz got edumacations nao.

They can click buttonz, on dah screenz, even.

Can we please move on from the stereotype that girls are stupid and illiterate? Its severely outdated... In the backwards west, women folk have been allowed to read for centuries.


go on minecraft.net don't download the crap girl one

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