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Friday, May 04, 2012


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That sucks. I was hoping they'd approach it from a stance of "Ok, so first off we're making Elder Scrolls, but also lets see how we can add other players as a feature..."

Looks like they're instead applying a Skyrim skin to WoW. I'm sure they're going to do a lot of things true to the franchise but starting with WoW as a basis already removes a lot of possibilities.

DMom2K Darwin

What Ezra said. Dang. This is the chance to make your mark and they already got the eraser out....

Rin Tae

I would not put too much weight on early details .. only when the game nears the beta stage it will be clearer about how it might look once it is done. Right now I would expect many ideas and rumours to make it out of the developer circle into the public where they undergo the usual procedure of people reapeating what they heard form otehrs who too have read it somewhere where the person who wrote it claimed to know the one who heard it from a reliable source ...

But then .. MMO develoeprs seem to fear complexity and well developed, logical worlds and stories like the devil holy water (even when single player games have shown that complex stories can go hand in hand with massive success prooving that at least a big part of the target audience want something more out of a game) so the game might come out being dumbed down to the lowest possible level. All fitting with the recent drop of the 'RP' out fo the name of such games. Today they are all just MMOs since adding the RP might make people ask for a game that goes beyond killing X monsters and having a higher level then the one that is on the other side of the pvp fight.

It seems like the Elder Scrolls MMO is not yet close to a point where definitive things could be said about it so I would rather wait until it is (or some definitive information and gameplay videos are shown) before making any judgment.

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