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Friday, May 11, 2012


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Tateru Nino

Interesting. It sounds like the sort of game I'd try out on my PC - but not the sort I'd play on a mobile device.

Ordinal Malaprop

I finished it on my iPad - I think it may do better with a larger screen than on a phone. I enjoyed it a lot. The world is divided into different caverns, each with a slightly different environment and so different appropriate strategies to raise their biomass to an appropriate level, and as mentioned there's no single fixed route to success - so a small number of basic mechanics result in a very varied game.

There are a few arcade elements but nothing really requiring reaction speed, and it is well balanced in terms of progress and learning curve. Tinkering around with an individual cavern's ecosystem is very absorbing, as is finding out about the whole lifecycle of all of the organisms.

Tiger Style also did "Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor" which has a similar visual style and attitude to exploring the world rather than just jumping through hoops. I enjoyed that too, but Waking Mars has a lot more interaction involved.

Kim Anubis

I'm absolutely freakin' in LOVE with this game. Stayed up a whole night to play the thing straight through. I don't usually play games on my iPad, but this is the most fun I've had with a computer game since Pirates. Thanks for covering it, Hamlet, because it definitely deserves attention. I like games that make me think.

Hamlet Au

"Tiger Style also did 'Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor' which has a similar visual style and attitude"

Thanks for bringing that up, Ordinal -- I did play that one, it rocked. Very Thiefy, too, as if Garrett were an arachnid shooting silk instead of rope arrows.

Video streaming

Though it's about only a plain entertainment but I want to appreciate Randy to select an appropriate subject for his game and that is 'ecosystem'. It'll aware the players about their surrounding and save it. Thanks for the nice effort.
Video streaming


It's news to me that the "organisms" in Svarga ever exhibited any emergent behavior.

Ordinal Malaprop

@MrBungle: actually I think that saying that the organisms in Waking Mars display emergent behaviour is exaggerating a bit. Their behaviour is quite fixed - they eat things, move, produce seeds etc based on the same principles regardless of what happens. The _ecosystem_ does have emergent behaviour though.


Watching the video at the creator's site made me think of Aquaria (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aquaria/id469372252?mt=8) another gorgeously illustrated exploration-adventure game. With more fabulous games like these to compliment the productivity apps I use on tablets, I'm finding fewer and fewer reasons to have a desktop computer — pretty much just Second Life at this point.

Arcadia Codesmith

Sadly, if this were an MMO, the whole planet would be razed to bedrock within a week and all the people who razed it would be complaining that the system doesn't work.

It's much like real life.

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