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Friday, June 01, 2012


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Jo Yardley

To me the main reason I will NOT be playing Diablo, is the subject.
I can manage complicated games, I don't mind genderlocking, etc.
But I am very allergic to the fantasy theme, I just can't stand it like some dislike SciFi.
Won't be playing World of Warcraft either, just can't be interested in the theme, the background story, the settings.


The only computer games my mum will play are Diablo or casino-type games. She has played the original Diablo, as well as Diablo II. She played them both to death. She is definitely playing a lot of Diablo III already. She had been waiting for it to come out for several years. =)

Arcadia Codesmith

My mom would never play Diablo III because of the subject matter and the bloodshed and the interface and a host of other issues.

My youngest sister, with two kids, won't play Diablo III because it's too simplistic and besides, her (limited) free time is spent managing her raiding guild in World of Warcraft.

Moms appear to be getting cooler.

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