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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


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Damien Fate

Time to be brave!

I should also note that the tweaked version I did for SL was literally just 10 minutes or so 'for fun' - not really top quality stuff but a little better than the delivered product IMO.

Jo Yardley

Very interesting.
I've always wanted my SL avatar to be just like me in RL.


And i brought the face of Paul Breitner (ex german soccer star of the 70ies 80ies) to cloudparty by the same way. ;)
Also a work of few minutes.

Arcadia Codesmith

It strikes me as deep in the uncanny valley to have photo-sourced features locked in a fixed expression.

I know there's been some interesting work to map expressions from a webcam onto an avatar, but I don't know how feasible that would be for Second Life -- there's an awful lot of subtlety and nuance to human facial expressions, and how that would work with custom meshes is beyond my modest understanding of the topic.

foneco zuzu

Understandable concept on Cloud, not on SL, where the big and main marketing tool should be:
Get a reason to evade from Real World, let your imagination be the rule!

Adeon Writer

As a rule of thumb, the phrase "Second Life should be about" is for subjective opinions only. :)

Adeon Writer

And now for my opinion: the head is good, but the default avatar skeleton has idealistic, rather than realistic, proportions. Putting a realistic head on the cartoon body is what causes a level of uncannyiness.

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