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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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How many laid-off Lindens from "The Day of the Long Knives" sat outside with signs reading "Will design utopias for food?"

Hitomi Tiponi

I think this is great - and does say something for the magic that is Second Life. With it they created something that was unique and has yet to be bettered. At a lower level I remember chatting with other Tiponis - of course just being called a 'resident' doesn't help that feeling.

It is great to see them celebrating that they created something special, and renewing old friendships - Linden Lab created more than a product with Second Life, they created an experience.

shockwave yareach

We had something similar here. A gathering of the engineers and techs who managed to build an impossible thing back in 1998. All we could do was lament how after building impossible things, doing regular jobs seemed boring and how unhappy we were with how the customer was mistreating our invention, treating it like a battering ram rather than a horribly expensive piece of custom machinery.

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