Monday, October 29, 2012

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Read an Excerpt from Game Design Secrets, My New Book from Wiley Out This Week!

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Game Design Secrets, my new book from Wiley, is coming out this week in paperback and e-book -- for a 40% discount, click here and use code “GDS12″ at checkout -- and you can read an excerpt on GigaOM now: "What top VCs look for in gaming startups", which as the title suggests, is advice from well-known venture capitalists to game developers on getting money from them. While the book is specifically about game design for iOS, Facebook, and the web, most of it also applies to other platforms (yes, including Second Life). For example, consider this point from VC Nabeel Hyatt:

Pitch games that give players long-term aspirations

Hyatt puts a lot of stock in the long-term goals a game creates for a player:
“What’s the aspiration of a player? What’s the thing they’re trying to build in the future? How would they imagine themselves playing the game in a year? What’s the moment-to-moment experience in order to meet the aspiration?” This isn’t just a high-minded design goal, but good business sense. After all his firm invests in games as a recurring service, not games enjoyed for a day or two then discarded.

Read much more here.


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Keystone Bouchard

Ordered. Can't wait to read it!

Congrats man.

Hamlet Au

Thanks much, Key! Hope I get a chance to sign it.

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