Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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Gangnam Hamster Style Becoming Viral Craze in Second Life

I wondered when "Gangnam Style" would become a real viral hit in Second Life, and now it truly has. Being SL, of course, it has to come with its own quirky flavor. Behold, Gangnam Hamster Style:

The hamsters are Suetabulous Yootz's face-punchingly cute mesh avatars Iris wrote about last week, and the Gangam dance animations seem to be from Iron Serpente which I wrote about last month. Put them together and suddenly the PSY viral craze has a new roly poly iteration. I'm starting to see a lots of Gangnam-styling hamster videos coming across my feed, so I think it's safe to say this is on its way to becoming viral. Here's another:

And yet another:

And so on. There are many such on YouTube now, it seems.

Gangnam Hamster Style

Some may say WTF, but I'd say it's the latest variation of what I've called "Bebop reality" -- the tendency of Second Life users to mix, match, and improvise around existing themes to make the world weirder. I didn't even mention the Gangnam Style furries, or the Gangnam Style bronies in Second Life, but yes, they exist too.


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