Friday, October 19, 2012

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Guess Which Whiskeys the Lindens Loved to Drink Most After Fixing Something in Second Life

Linden Lab Whiskey

My friend Jeska Kittenbrink has a lovely post on the joy of fine whiskey on her new, aptly-named blog Geeks with Drinks, which includes a reminiscing of her time at Linden Lab a few years ago, when she was known to SLers as community manager Jeska Linden. As it turned out, Linden Lab's engineers were hardcore whiskey fans:

"These meet-ups were especially common later in the night, after we’d all stayed late working to fix something [in Second Life] that had gone horribly wrong. I was usually the person blogging about what had gone wrong, so I was there too... We had a lot of favorites over the years and must’ve tried at least 30 or 40 different whiskeys. In 2006 one of our Operations guys even organized a Scotch-tasting event after work to help hone our skills."

The Linden Lab Top 5 (circa 2005-2007) is here, and I gotta say, them Linden engineers back then were into some high end whiskey. But considering it was Second Life's salad days, who could blame them? (And the photo of early Lindens she includes in the post sure makes me nostalgic.) Jeska, by the way, now works with Philip Rosedale at Coffee & Power, Philip's new startup, so I'm hoping we see the C&P top five drinks soon too (hint hint).

Given that they like to literally take their office outside, maybe it's margaritas made with a solar-powered blender.


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Laphroaig in number one position?

Right on. Now Linden Lab can do one thing exactly right: pick good malt whiskey. Macallan in #3? Also a good choice and my late father's favorite.

Now as the weather turns cooler in my hemisphere, it's time to put up the martini shaker and the gin in pursuit of some smoke-water.

Good reportage for a Friday, Mr. Au.

Douglas Story

Laphroig ftw! (my favorite too)

cube republic

All whiskeys have one thing in common, they all taste like crap.

Hamlet Au


shockwave yareach

They may not be competent in running a virtual world, but at least they can pick good liquors to waste the braincells they don't use.


Thanks Hamlet! We're a bit more cocktail-based here at C&P, we've been on a bit of a bourbon kick lately. Will definitely write up something about that in next few weeks.

Ciaran Laval

There's a difference between Whiskey and Whisky.

Personally, Bushmills rocks.


Ciaran - I went back and forth on the Whiskey/Whisky issue, then read this blog: which mostly just made my head hurt.

Having said that, most of the Scotch we drank was from Scotland, so they'd more properly be whiskys ;) I decided to just have another drink and not worry about it.

Pappy Enoch

Ain't nuffin' in this-here world like a Mason Jar o' Shine (Lessen I got me a jug). Y'all keep that-there store likker.


I have lost count of the number of times I had to berate fellow Lindens as to the difference between Whisky and Whiskey, for nought.

If it's single malt from Scotland, it's WHISKY, no gorram E in there!

However, if it's a blend from Scotland, pour it down the sink, it's no good.


Talisker for me, please.

Dizzy Banjo

Midori Sour FTW!

Ciaran Laval

@neuro my local usually hands out a free glass of Bell's to customers on Christmas day, that stuff should be illegal!

elizabeth (16)

if it comes with coke i will drink anything (:

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