Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Watch the Machinima Trailer for the Machinima Expo

The Machinima Expo is coming November 16-18, showcasing machinima made in various platforms, including Second Life, Grand Theft Auto, Sims 3, Valve's Source Filmmaker. Here's the Expo trailer from Tutsy Navarantha*, a machinima montage made by a metaverse machinima master:

Get more all the info you need on the Machinima Expo here, where the Expo will also be streamed on 16th through 18th. Looking forward to watching some of the best. I just hope there's a minimum of horrible avatar lip dubbing.

* I've written a lot about Mr. Navarantha's machinima a lot, but here's my favorite of his after the break:

Read about how he made "Journey to the Metaverse" here.


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