Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Meet Trout Linden, Coder of the Second Life Aquatic

Trout Linden

There once was a giant fish who occupied a Linden Lab programmer's desk, and Trout was his name. Captured by Linden staffer Valentyn Gatsuk, this photo showed up on a Lab alumni group page, and seeing as it's Halloween, I felt this to be a fish worth sharing. However, Trout has been a Linden for a long time since before this Halloween, and over the years, has been implicated in at least a couple cases of fish-on-employee assault. However, Trout also has his defenders: "One time, Trout Linden stole my monitor while I was on vacation and replaced it with a monitor lizard," former Linden UI designer Erica Olsen Firment fondly reminisced. "The whole thing was done to scale. Went swimmingly. I was hooked."


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It's great to see whimsical things like this, done just for the halibut.


Did he do the linux viewer last week?

Ciaran Laval

Way too much codding around going on in that office.

Adeon Writer

Trout Linden isn't a good codder. I'm herring all he does is reinvent the whale. Salmon should dolphanatly give his job to someone more ofishal.


I also acquired a smaller, travel-sized Trout to use when a concealed weapon was required.

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