Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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SL Redditors Share Their Favorite Second Life Hangouts

SL Subreddit

I'm enjoying this "Where do you guys enjoy hanging out?" thread on Reddit's SL forum (launched by "BossMafia"), because it has a lot of interesting recommendations and insights into SL activity, and because most (if not all) don't fit the geeky, gamer, pervy-skewing stereotype Reddit's often saddled with. Examples: "The Buddhist sims like Kannonji and Hikari and the Buddha Center. Do scheduled meditations with folks."(From "semiretardado"). And from "bmml003", who runs a breedable market: "I spend 99% of my time in-world working on my 4 sims... I've dealt with a lot of people over my time in SL, and I have worked almost everywhere. So I don't really have time for fun anymore." Many more (some of them NSFW, a few NSFL) here.


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Pussycat Catnap

I commented, but there really wasn't much of a conversation there.

Reddit's not all that, personally. And less so ever since they've been taking steps to -protect- pedophiles, stalkers, and online bullies / predators.

There's privacy and all which is vital in today's world - but Reddit is falling on the wrong side of things with where they draw lines - making it an all-or-nothing style debate.

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