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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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Pussycat Catnap

LLs: -All- of this business could have been yours, and was, not that long ago...

Graham Mills

Kudos to all and not forgetting Roger Stack who made it possible.

Douglas Story

While reading the pdf, I was very surprised to see that one of the teachers had used the "StormEye" build that Desdemona Enfield and I made as inspiration for her students. They made their own mini-versions of it!

I wish the teachers had contacted us, as we would have been happy to supply them with more resources relating the StormEye.

By the way, StormEye is currently without a home in SL. If anyone wants to host us, please let me know!

Douglas Story

A short video about StormEye:


Kate Booth

Hi Douglas, had I known that I could contact you I would have loved to and I will for the next weather unit I use at school =D Your build is one of my favourites and the students loved seeing the images and video. This gives them wonderful ideas of how they can adapt and build their virtual projects. Fabulous creative interpretation of weather and the power of the storm.

Kate Booth
Twitter @SCU006 SL captainflint006

Ener Hax

Roger Stack and Crista Lopes are the ones that made this possible, i only am a curator of it =)

Roger is always listed in the acknowledgments and linked online from the SoaS site =)

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