Friday, October 19, 2012

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Take a Short Survey for a Academic Research on SL User Personalities

Click here to take a short confidential survey on real life personality (if you're an active SL user and over 18, of course), which is for an academic study looking into whether "there are over-representations of particular personality type preferences." (Click here to teleport to an SL site with more information on the study.) The research is for a graduate student in Applied Psychology at Athabasca University in Canada, and the supervisor, Dr. Paul Jerry, promises to share what should be the interesting results on New World Notes.


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shockwave yareach

MY type?!


O positive. But I hope this isn't another silly vampire game. :)

More seriously though, MY kind used to be more common in SL. But LL has driven the serious users away and left only those of us recreational madboys. Being able to build something unrealistic to make in reality (cost, size, neighbors, sheriff...) is a major draw to the engineers and makers of the world. But our trust has been broken and ground into the dirt too often. So many are gone, and they've taken their undesirable cash with them.

Not that anyone misses Spindrift. Right?

Dave Bell

I ran through the survey, and it feels a little bit amateurish, a few A-or-B choices against lists of characteristics for particular pairs, such as introvert/extrovert. It's a long time since I did any survey design, and my knowledge is biased to the statistics side of the design, but I doubt this will be reliable.

People are not some either-or choice. Some of us are going to be somewhere in the middle. Some of us will show introverted behavior some of the time, and extroverted at other times.

It's not a good test for the psychology. It is clearly based on Myers-Briggs, but relies on the respondent's subjective assessment of themselves as matching the examples of the four pairings. Four questions instead of nearly a hundred, and we are told, before we start, that the whole thing could take 30 minutes.

O tempora! O mores!


Dave, I did the survey too. You have to wait for the second half of it. You only did the first half. The second half is the proper, full assessment.

Desmond Shang

My personality type generally doesn't have time for this kind of stuff, but with kids in college I kind of have a soft spot for helping out students who are trying to actually accomplish something.

I'll give it a shot.

WhiteStar Magic

I just ran through this survey. I have to say, that it is very limited and not likely to make a proper representation of the data collected. I personally feel that it falls extremely short on numerous points. No accounting for demographics, the personality descriptions & scales ... well, when you see it, you will see that my 8 year old daughter could come up with something more appropriate & suitable.

Given that this is for a University Course, the prof in charge should have reviewed it before it being posted.

WhiteStar Magic

Echoing Michelle's post above, when you complete the first "Light" survey you will be emailed a link to a more Complete survey with appropriate and detailed questions. This can take a few minutes before you receive it and be sure to check your spam blocker if it does not show up in a timely manner.

Dave Bell

No sign of the full survey here, yet, and it's possible, with good reason, that I might never see it, not being an American. There are enough language differences between US English and UK English to affect the results.

Or it could just be the weekend...

Yes, I will check to see if it has been spam-trapped.

Dave Bell

OK, the email with the link to the full test eventually came through, laden with warnings that the source address might not be genuine.

I came out as an ISTJ, which sounds worse than it is if you have been reading a collection of "Sector General" stories.

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