Friday, October 26, 2012

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Weekend Machinima: "The Twilight Sim", Fun & Spooky Halloween Satire

Perfect for pre-Halloween weekend viewing, take an SL machinima walk into the "Twilight Sim", where dumb horny teenagers meet some creepy big-headed demon child spawn:

Written by actress Gameela Wright (AvaJean Westland in SL) and directed by K. DaVette See (Suzy Yue in SL), it's a lot of fun, with great production values, editing, and voice acting, matched to a pretty clever script with some cute inside jokes for SLers. I continue to be a skeptic of lip synch in Second Life machinima, because it's still too difficult to do convincingly, but Yue and team do a fairly decent job matching mouth movement to audio.

What inspired the machinima? After you've seen it, let Ms. Westland explain:

Twilight sim SL machinima

"You know funny enough," she tells me, "quite a few of us were in-world working on another project last year when Suzy Yue, our director said, 'We should do something for Halloween'. At some point she had been wearing one of the Bloom Dolls which I had never seen before and I had commented something like they were kind of cute like the Power Puff Girls but kind of 'Children of the Corn' creepy too. We all laughed and argued if they were cute or creepy. So Suzy said 'Can you write them into a Halloween story?', and I said 'Sure!' Within a few days, I had written the bulk of the story.

"I realized when looking at the dolls that they looked like an almost anime version of children. What if they were another version of the Power Puff girls? Well, they should have a father like Professor Utonium. He's the misbegotten brother who never got any credit. It's Halloween, so there can be a spooky house. Who goes to the spooky house? Every stupid teenager in every slasher flick, even in cartoons. And it just grew from there. Suzy and Gnu added in more touches and specifics as we went along that made it even funnier. I have no problem with input in collaborating or changing something if it services the story."

Good policy there. Speaking of which, the production team also shared a lot of great advice on making great machinima -- more on that next week!


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Hitomi Tiponi

A wonderful and charming machinima - loved it!

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