Thursday, October 25, 2012

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OK, Typing Karaoke is an Indie Game That Totally Rocks

Typing Karaoke

Typing Karaoke is a simple but crazy brilliant indie web game, which as the name suggests, involves typing to song lyrics, as the track plays across the screen -- you have to type fast enough to keep up with the song, and if you don't (or make too many mistakes in the process), fail. Obviously this makes for a great typing tutorial, but also a fun casual game in itself. Right now there's songs from Radiohead, LMFAO, Carly Rae Jepsen, Usher, etc. in the game, so a lot of demographic tastes in pop music are covered. Created by Terence Chen, Typing Karaoke is still in early stages of development, but Chen has bigger plans for it:

"Yes, hopefully leaderboards are coming soon," he told me via Twitter last night. "Also, right now it's a proof of concept. Ultimately, it'll use streaming music APIs... I hope to integrate with APIs like Rdio for streams and MusixMatch for lyrics." That way, lots of songs can be integrated into it. Just don't expect to buy it: "I see it as a fun non-profit educational tool," says Chen.

Hat tip: Indie Games via Reddit's subreddit of the same name.


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