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Thursday, November 01, 2012


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Deoridhe Quandry

It's interesting to see all of the post processing. Now and then I consider doing some myself with select pictures, but I like the challenge of trying to achieve stuff in-world, too. Ironically, my brother who does offline photography as a hobby does more post processing than I do!

Val Kendal

"Fiddling with Windlight can be time-consuming, but it's a skill worth mastering."

I agree - but William Weaver's Phototools forSecond Life make it SO much faster!

Whiskey Monday

WOW! An hour and a half??!

Incredible work, going from the before to that after shot. The color difference and light is impressive. I'd love to see more before and afters of folks who work with a lot of photoshop.

I don't use photoshop much at all, but spend about the same amount of time, or more, getting a shot. I just spend that time inworld. Maybe I need to learn about Photoshop Curves.

Faye Feldragonne

It's a great deal of work for the designers after time making the designs. Thanks for putting this into perspective.

Marly Peapod

Thanks for this article, I learned a few tricks from it and it was very interesting to read. About the lines tho, I found a faster way to get rid of them from a tutorial (I don't remember who it was from), but it was very simple. You use the single row or column selection tool (under the rectangular marquee) and then go to edit -> fill, then choose "content aware" in the "Use" drop down menu. Works like a charm.

Iris Ophelia

Good point, Marly. I like that technique-- but I often have mixed results with it. The plainer the area the better it will work, because the more detail there is that harder it is for Photoshop to read and predict accurately. It's great if you have a line across a backdrop, but if it's across your face or a printed dress or something you'll still probably need to use clone stamping.

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