Thursday, November 08, 2012

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Creatorverse Now Comes With All Kinds of Creative Tutorials

Creatorverse, Linden Lab's iPad sandbox building game, now comes with a boatload of tutorials on YouTube which illustrate just how inventive you can get with the thing. Take this one on giving Creatorverse balls physics properties:

Pretty impressive, and there are many more here, showing you how to build wheels that work and teleporters that, well, teleport, and so forth and suchlike. Far as I can tell, the game's site isn't featuring user-created Creatorverse content yet, and I can't find any user-generated videos on YouTube, and when (if?) we start to see both, that's when the real fun begins.


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I'm really enjoying fiddling with CreatorVerse, and my 4 year old is quite addicted to see what she can make next. It has some very rough edges, and I hope there will be an update, but it is loads of fun.

ZZ Bottom

Well, Im glad that finnaly the LAb seems to have nailed some good one cause the way they are handling Sl looks like if they have a 4 year child as CEO!

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