Monday, November 19, 2012

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Dwell On It: Good SL Blog for Linden Lab & Technical News

SL Blog

Dwell On It is a long-running Second Life blog by long-time SL blogger Tateru Nino, who as it happens, got her start blogging here on New World Notes, where she wrote such influential posts as this one. Fourth most popular in New World Notes' Readers' Choice list, Dwell On It has gone fairly quiet in recent months while Tateruworks on a non-blog project (details revealed soon, hopefully), but clearly has a fanbase who enjoy her posts. For my money, her best posts track the latest Linden Lab management or policy change, or detail an important technical issue related to SL, such as this one. Besides the recent dearth in posts, I personally wish Dwell On It came with a lot more pictures, especially because pictures properly tagged are a great way of boosting traffic. At any rate, if you have dwelt on it yet, Dwell On It here.


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Kim Anubis

Tateru's blog is SO good! I'd feel blind without it.


I second Kim Anubis, Tateru's blog is very good, and at time like now, were she does less posting, we are waiting for it !

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