Monday, November 05, 2012

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Symposium of Fashionista: Beautiful Blog for Second Life Fashion & Interior Design (NWN Readers' Choice)

SL Interior Design

Babychampagne Sass's Symposium of Fashionista is an SL fashion and interior design blog that's one of the Top Ten Second Life blogs nominated by NWN readers, and it's really great. Created by Babychampagne Sass, it's full of fantastic layouts like this, artfully arranged and photographed, and dramatic, gorgeously composed, dynamically lit fashion spreads like this one. If you don't follow Ms. Sass's symposium, I agree with my readers that you really should.

If she was to ask me (and I know she didn't), I might suggest a few things that'd likely improve Symposium of Fashionista for readers, while attracting many more of them:

  • The blog automatically starts playing a song when it loads, a feature that many readers find intrusive (or if they're reading it in the office, like many do) embarrassing. Music might be better as an opt-in option.
  • Many of the interior design posts don't have SLurl or Marketplace links for readers to immediately buy items featured in the Symposium, which is bound to frustrate some readers. The more links, the better!
  • To attract more readers, it's a good idea to label all posts (and for that matter, the blog's name itself) with some variation of "SL", "Second Life", and "virtual fashion". That way, it'll be much easier for SLers and others who like virtual fashion to find the blog during Google searches.

I'm blogging all the Top Ten blogs in our Readers' Choice list. Stay tuned for the rest soon!


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Cube Republic

I got a message from one of the staff yesterday saying my stuff had been used. Had a look and yes, the photography is absolutely amazing. It's on a par with professional work, and could be used for RL reference.

babychampagne sass

wow .. i m so shocked to be named as top ten blogs in second life! ! Thank you so much and I am flattered!

I like to inspired and be inspired in secondlife. there are so much beautiful things to share and I like to share with all of you!

Thank you for your comments and I really appreciated it..commends about links are noted. and i will think of the way to make the music more adjustable for sneak peak at work lol

thanks again for your award and this means so much to me and very encouraging...

to Cuberepublic, I am glad you like the furniture styled.

if you wanna share more about my sl pics.. the link of flickr is here .. and feel free to add me on facebook! I like meeting fasinating people in SL.


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