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Monday, November 26, 2012


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Inara Pey

My thanks to all the NWN readers who showed their support and interest in Modemworld and put the blog forward for this poll. I'm sincerely flattered. Thank you again.


Good choice! I am always amazed at the breadth and depth as well as frequency of Inara's coverage -- I have really come to depend on her to keep up with what is going on in SL.

Daniel Voyager

Congrats Inara for being 1st. :)

Thanks for informing everyone on whats going on in the SL metaverse. My blog came in 3rd place which i'm really pleased about.


Gwyneth Llewelyn

This is so well deserved :)

I have no idea when I started following Inara, or how I first came across her blog, but I can say one thing: I actually only subscribe to three blogs to receive notifications when there are new articles there, and Inara was my first subscription, because every article of hers matters. And no, sorry, Hamlet, NWN is not one of the other three hehe ;-)

Congratulations to all!

ZZ Bottom

Congrats Inara, being no fungurl of LL way of acting or delivering a pleasuble and understandable message to its userbase/customers about what they intend or wish to do for the future of Second life, is refreshing to see some so dedicated and making clear some that should be LL job to clarify!
besides, the places you report are always well deserved visiting as all the rest of the posts there!
A true dedicated member of Sl community that makes Us all proud!

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