Thursday, November 08, 2012

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Quan's Travelogues: An Excellent Blog for SL Art Lovers

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Quan's Travelogues is a Second Life blog by Quan Lavender devoted to Second Life-based art and events, and if you have any interest in that topic, you should (like the many NWN readers who recommended her), subscribe to what she's blogging. Frequently updated, with heavily-illustrated posts and SLurls that are easy to find so you can visit the places she's writing about too, Quan is well on her way to becoming a go-to blogger for finding great virtual world content. (For instance, I did not know there was a Second Life production of Sartre's classic play No Exit, but Quan knows.) To be sure, many of the images seem too dark, so Ms. Lavender might want to play with her light settings, and most of the post titles are frustratingly vague, which will especially frustrate people who just want to browse ,which is most blog readers. (As a general rule: A blog post title should always clearly state what the post is about, because the title is as important as the post itself, if not moreso.) In any case, do follow Quan's Travelogues, to follow her travels to the best in Second Life-based art.

I'm blogging all the Top Ten blogs in our Readers' Choice list. Stay tuned for the rest soon!


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