Tuesday, November 06, 2012

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Strawberry Singh: Great SL Fashion Blog With Tutorials & Culture (NWN Readers Choice)

Strawberry Singh SL fashion blog

Strawberry Singh is an SL fashion blog and that's one of the Top Ten Second Life blogs nominated by NWN readers, and it's one of my personal favorites too. A talented and avid blogger with a distinct fashion style and SL photography skills to match, Ms. Strawberry Singh doesn't just blog fashion, but writes important opinions related to the SL economy, reports on social media promotion, and produces SL technical tutorials which incorporate YouTube videos featuring the dulcet, lilting voice of the girl behind Strawberry's avatar:

But those aren't the only reasons I love the blog of Strawberry Singh. I admire just as much that she incorporates aspects of her culture into virtual fashion, such as in this SL fashion tribute to Ramadan. (In real life, Ms. Singh is Muslim.) Second Life fashion is a great way to express someone's personal values and culture in a visually fun way, so it's not just pretty clothes, but something more transcendent. Strawberry is doing that, and I'd love to see more SL fashion bloggers follow her example.

If Strawberry was to ask me (and I know she didn't), I might suggest a few things that'd likely attract many more readers to her blog:

Search Engine Optimization: It's not immediately clear that Strawberry Singh's blog is about Second Life fashion. To attract more readers, it's a good idea to label all posts (and for that matter, the blog's title itself) with some variation of "SL", "Second Life", and "virtual fashion". That way, it'll be much easier for SLers and others who like virtual fashion to find the blog through Google searches. That said, Strawberry is doing a great job with social media promotion, especially with various Share widgets at the bottom of each post. (Yet another thing SL bloggers should learn from Strawberry.

I'm blogging all the Top Ten blogs in our Readers' Choice list. Stay tuned for the rest soon!


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Strawberry Singh

Totally blushing right now. Thank you so much Hamlet and NWN readers! <3


Strawberry is one of the best of the best. Her tutorials should be mandatory viewing and that voice in the background does not hurt either.

Jo yardley

A very nice looking blog, I am not at all interested in fashion but still check her site out now and then for the pretty pictures.

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