Friday, December 07, 2012

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Barnesworth Anubis' Prefab Store Will Put a Very Chic Roof Over Your Head (NWN Readers' Choice, Top SL Brand)

Iris Ophelia's ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

Barnesworth Anubis is yet another institution of the content creation community in Second Life, and one more brand I'm entirely unsurprised to have on this list. Barnesworth has been designing shops and homes in Second Life with international flavour and modern flair since the stone ages of Second Life, and although he'd been quiet for awhile his participation in the monthly event Collabor88 has brought him back to the forefront of the prefab-making community.

Barnesworth doesn't favour any particular kind of architecture too much, offering everything from enchanting haciendas to window-covered modernist homes, as well as a selection of apartment-style skyboxes like the one shown above. On top of all that he also designs furniture for these unique and eye-catching builds. Barnesworth's texturing style may be an acquired taste for some. He sticks to fairly soft and smooth textures with simple shading, a technique with looks ideal in Second Life but which may ruffle the feathers of home buyers seeking gritty photorealism in their builds. All in all, Barnesworth Anubis has always been a wonderful brand and a wonderful designer to have in the SL community.

We're blogging the top 20 brands in our Readers' Choice list. Stay tuned for the rest soon!

Mixed_reality_iris2010 Iris Ophelia (Janine Hawkins IRL) has been featured in the New York Times and has spoken about SL-based design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and with pop culture/fashion maven Johanna Blakley.


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Ciaran Laval

I've purchased Barnesworth items in the past, always very well presented and pleasing on the eye, good choice.

1angelcares Writer

I have an autographed picture of him!

Damien Fate

Barnesworth is fantastic and is moving to the world of Mesh, so expect even more intricate designs from him at more reasonable land impact soon!

Ran Hinrichs

Barnes is an artist! His work is stellar, very distinguishable and reliable. He is the Frank Lloyd Wright of Second Life.

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