Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Kinect Connected through Second Life to an RL Museum

This is a brilliant and recent fusion of Kinect and Second Life, featured last month at a museum in the Netherlands -- by moving their body before the Kinect camera, patrons could control the flight of an SL avatar, and move it through a surreal landscape:

You can still visit the site in Second Life, by the way -- visit the LEA blog for details there.

This devilishly cool hack comes to us from the SL artist known as Marx Catteneo, who told me a bit how he made it:

Kinect Second Life

"The viewer used is a slightly modified version of Armadillo a project by John McCaffery of Open Virtual Worlds." (Read about it here.) "He has recompiled the last version of Dolphin that still supports OpenSim added his Kinect support and changed the controls a bit after we had a chat about usability for my project." He also had scripting help on the vehicle for the installation from AenAenis and CheChe Chengpang.

More like this please. Read more about this particular project on the Meta Meets site.


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