Friday, December 14, 2012

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Decorate a Virtual Space on a Budget at LISP (NWN Readers' Choice, Top SL Brand)

LISP Reader's Choice
  Iris Ophelia's ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

Pandora Popstar's brand LISP is a favorite among Second Life decor enthusiasts for its prices as well as its quirky and eccentric style. You can find furniture and all sorts of decorative tchotchkes there, often at ridiculously low prices (like the pages and pages of goodies under L$10 on the LISP Marketplace storefront). LISP frequently participates in Collabor88, and their latest item for this monthly event is an artist's easel with a stool, which I'm using in the picture above (full disclosure: the furniture in the background is not from LISP, it's just what's in my skybox.) As you sit your avatar slowly fills in the image on the canvas until it's finally finished, at which point the easel sends you the image as a texture to pop into the frame that comes with the set. There are a couple dozen paintable pictures included in this clever little gadget as well as multiple animations and texture options for the easel and the stool, so it's a great item to pick up if you like to just hang out and chill in SL from time to time.

LISP is also participating in Together for Sway alongside several other NWN Reader's Choice brands. This event is being held to benefit Sway Dench (herself a beloved decor designer in SL) who will be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from her brain. Read more about this great community cause here, and check out Together for Sway in-world between December 15th and the 31st to pick up items from LISP and many other kindhearted designers!

We're blogging the top 20 brands in our Readers' Choice list. Stay tuned for the rest soon!

Mixed_reality_iris2010 Iris Ophelia (Janine Hawkins IRL) has been featured in the New York Times and has spoken about SL-based design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and with pop culture/fashion maven Johanna Blakley.


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Love the LISP brand. Cannot believe how reasonably priced there stuff is!

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