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Thursday, December 20, 2012


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ZZ Bottom

2 bad many sims owners are refusing avatars that wear any script at all!

Adeon Writer

^No they aren't.

Good post, my own AO is max of many different Oracul sets. Great quality, for less than upload cost.

Pussycat Catnap

I've been on animated vibrant AOs for years.

They were the norm for the Japanese makers.

I went that route by accident at first. Searched up Neko and AO and got something ok but not great. Read a neko blog and saw a screenshot of a sign that said 'life is meow'... so had to find that. Landed in a sim called 'Anime' and there it was, next to all sorts of choices and signs in Japanese and English side by side...

The stuff was cheaper than the western made AOs, and different. Set me apart from my friends - who even now can recognize me on a new alt by my AO style alone.

Anime sim is sadly long gone...

But I'm very glad to see the more vibrant AOs crossing the language and culture gap and making it out to 'western folk' who for too long to me looked 'stale and boring' just standing there.

I still shop my AOs on some Japanese sims. Because well, different cultures animate their characters differently - and it gives me 'style' apart from my friends. But now I have more places to recommend them to.

Pussycat Catnap

"2 bad many sims owners are refusing avatars that wear any script at all!"

Lowest script limit I've ever seen was 3mbs. Which IMO is absurdly -high-.

I can't hit that even when in full furry form, unless I go with a bunch of new items on that I haven't yet sized and deleted the scripts on... and even that, I have to be over-bundled to do it...

If you're hitting that limit often, you need to shop elsewhere.

As for AOs... if your AO is heavy, rip the animations out and give the old ZHAO freebie. Stuff them in there...
90% of the AO makers are using it anyway (reskinned or not - look at the scripts in it to tell. Ain't broke, so why fix it issue). half of the ones who don't have something better, but the other half... they need some school'n.

Iris Ophelia

@ZZ Just about every avatar has at least one script on it somewhere. Scripts are in so many attachments, even where you would least expect them. I've seen gates, once, at a large event that prevented anyone with scripted attachments from passing through them, but events like that are hardly the norm, and I haven't seen such gates used since. Hopefully any regular place that has made it policy to eject anyone wearing any scripts (which I've never personally seen or encountered) isn't relying on traffic for business.

@Pussycat I should be clear that Oracul's emergence, at least in my opinion, happened a few years ago now (personally I've been wearing Oracul AOs for nearly 4 or so years I think?), so the movement I'm talking about isn't exactly present tense... Though I'll admit as with anything some people are still lagging behind. :\ I believe Oracul is also a Japanese brand, their store location definitely still has the vibe many early Japanese brands had, and when I first came across them it was during my own forays into the weird and wacky backalleys of Japanese shopping malls in SL.

Pussycat Catnap

Ah ok.

I'll have to check my AOs on my alts and make sure I'm not sitting here talking about them like they're something new to me. :)

Only in the last year have I started seeing more people with more animated-AOs outside of Japanese venues. Always been a few - but a trickle is now a stream in the places I end up visiting.

Jo Yardley

Do oracul AO's also allow you to show your identity if you want to be a 40 year old tired woman who doesn't walk like she is a catwalk model?

I went to the shop and found a panel that told me to check my height, I clicked it and it gave me the wrong height.
Almost 20cm off.

The shop was very weird, lots of weird stuff and I found the actual animations by accident when I fell down some stairs.

Adeon Writer

Jo: Oracul is my favorite because they are the only ones I can find that have a selection that *isn't* crazy jumpy. I like standing in one place - as long as I'm not a statue. Of course there are also crazy ADHD choices as well.

Pussycat Catnap

Was it 20cm off in that it was too short, or just wonky?

A lot of people say "my height is X" when they are really X + some amount. They've based it on what a viewer or some competing height checker told them - and not by measuring a prim against themselves.

(While my own height checker adjust from 'Agent' it too cannot be fully perfect. The problem is that the amount of difference between Agent and true height can change if person B's head is a different size than the person A that was used to make the meter... Agent height gives floor to about eye level. Head size can change how much is above eye level, so until we get the ability to scan someone's head size, no meter is perfect save for rezzing a prim and reading its Z value after sizing it into yourself.)

- This is why more people today make "meters" that are just rulers you rez people can stand next to. I've got one on market, as do at least a few other folks. And at this point it just becomes a matter of visual preference... AND making sure they scaled their ruler texture correctly. I put out my ruler as no-mod precisely so people couldn't get that texture messed up. Not sure for competitors - but its one rare case of a product best made as no-mod.

Arabella Jones

I use the AO that is built in to the Firestorm viewer, which makes a pretty good job of replacing LSL scripts.

I've followed Anime for a long time, though I wouldn't class myself as a fan, and there are certainly images in the sample pics that look as if they had an anime inspiration. Not quite enough to prove the link, though.

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