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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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inb4 "not enough black skins"

LaFupaJean Zuzu

I am a connoisseur of skins in SL, going way back. This particular brand of female skins are very well done and stands out among the sea of same saminess inworld.

Pricing is also not overly spendy, which for a virtual tightwad like myself, is appreciated.

Pussycat Catnap

inb4 "not enough black skins"


There are three. In a small line - that's quite a lot. I looked through and she's got about across the board representation. In a range that can cover -ANY- ethnicity. For a maker with 23 skin listings - and that includes mods to them like nails and such, she has perhaps more diversity than anyone else I've seen.

This shop to me, looks perfect for covering -everyone-.

Looks like you just have an issue against diversity.

Pussycat Catnap

I even see two of them that I think could work for two common shades of Native Americans. I almost never see -anyone- do skins that I feel will work for a Native American. The few times I have, its been amateurs with skills like mine...

And plenty more cover different shades of Caucasians and Asians.

All in only I think 19 to 21 skins (I got a little jumbled in which fatpacks overlap, if any).

The prices are beyond my impulse buy limit by a wide margin. But that's the fatpacks on MP, haven't been to the inworld store since 2009 I think (didn't even know she made skins).

But this person has managed to pack in the whole globe of human ethnic skin tones, within a tight range.


And I might have to reconsider a Native American look again... but I just busted my budget buying up things for my land and some makeovers for alts. So it won't be until early next year if I do it.


She is one of the few popular skin makers that make use of tattoo layers and don't make you buy them separate.

Her darker skin tones are well done.

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