Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Redditors Share Strangest (Often NSFW) Experiences in SL

Reddit Second Life

"Most awkward/bizarre thing to happen to you in SL" is a fun thread in Reddit's Second Life Reddit, though of course, it's very much not safe for work. (One comment closes with "By far the worse avatar was some kind of bondage hermaphroditic cow..." and gets worse from there -- or depending on your point of view, better.) But I also like this one from Nerosquito, who shared that time things got awkward in real life because they were recognized by someone from Second Life:

I was in the grocery store one day (RL) and someone across from a produce stand said " How's businesses? I like your skins" I had no idea what they were talking about and awkwardly said "Great... thanks" and sauntered off as fast as possible. About 6 hours later in SL, this same person appeared in my sim and introduced themselves....

More bizarrely awkward and awkwardly bizareness here.


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Pussycat Catnap

Oh is reddit still around? People use that thing? :)

I thought they're mods were busted for some child-pron stuff or something...,2817,2411077,00.asp

They might not really be the best place to be promoting... I don't see this as a Larry Flynt moment - Flynt was also disgusting, but his models were knowing and paid adults. And his scandal was actually over posting political rants not in agreement with the regime in power at the time. In both of those regards, he was actually a champion of free speech.

Reddit is just backing 'peeping toms' that photograph unknowing children and young women... and claiming legality. They're just victimizing innocent people.

I'd suggest finding a new horse to ride. There are other places that are frontiers of online media and communication that have more tact in knowing which first amendment battles to fight.

Hamlet Au

Pussycat, none of that is very accurate. In the future, please don't make such serious allegations without heavy sourcing -- especially when they include the words "or something".

You're aware President Obama participated in a Reddit thread, right?

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