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Thursday, January 17, 2013


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Pussycat Catnap

I'm soooooo over seeing pouting, frowning, and sad clown looks in SL. But at least this one is not over done like nearly all of the others. I think if people had been doing the pouty look more like this face - I'd not be as annoyed at it... :)

Do either of these folks over a range of skin tones?

Iris Ophelia

@Pussycat Both do, though the special TDR preview skins that Tuli released only come in the pale tone shown. I believe her darkest tone for her full lines is called Mocha and it's pretty good (by my standards,) not DARK dark but much darker than a tan.

Curio has darker tones as well, but I find them rather ashy compared to how saturated her pale tones are. Depends on your tastes maybe. Both are definitely worth checking out, though I suspect Tuli would probably be closer to your taste.

ZZ Bottom

Im so glad that gala is back.
Im not s skin changer so ill keep with my old Curio's Sandust beach line:)

Pussycat Catnap

I went and found a lot of nice product in both shops, but neither had anything beyond a tanned skin. Neither could be of use to me, but I could send friends to them. In what tones I did see, the work looks great.

The Dressing Room's real value looked to be their other products. Lots of stuff there needs to get onto my shopping list. :)

I didn't see the darker ashy tones - but that is a common problem in doing dark tones that start from a light base. My favorite skin shop, Lyrical Store, has the reverse problem. Light tones there started from a dark base, and end up looking clay like or clown like.

(I've recently found a shop - Elysium - selling two skins, a light and a dark - each in a series of tones starting from those two base ideas, as a result, both look to work well, no ash and no clown (have yet to buy and fully test). I still have yet to explore Pink Fuel - but I think they also might have multiple base files letting them explore a wider range of tones).

Jo yardley

More 'pretty' skins.
How about more attention for realistic skins that look like most of us do in RL.
We don't all want to look like models.

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