Wednesday, January 09, 2013

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Amazon Affiliate Report: Second Life Gets Me Lots of Clickthroughs, But (So Far) No Sales

Now that Second Life products are offered on Amazon, I added one of the new "Starter Packs" to my Amazon Affiliate code and blog last Monday, and here's the results in just those two days:

Amazon Second Life

75 clicks in less than 48 hours is a crazy good clickthrough rate -- compare to the other products also linked to on this blog, all of which reflect total clickthroughs since January 1st. It's still too early to tell if this is just initial curiosity and/or because I included the code on this editorial post, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless.

However there is one thing Second Life products on Amazon aren't generating for me:

Affiliate earnings. (As you can see, all the clicks are listed in the "Items with no sales" category.) So far, then, there's a lot of interest, but few buyers. That could just mean most folks weren't interested in the specific Deluxe Vehicle Pack I added to the post, or that it was too expensive ($14.95), so more experimenting is required. Whatever the case, I definitely recommend other SL bloggers try adding some of these offerings to your own Amazon Affiliate code, and reporting the results here.


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I have experienced similar spikes in amazon clicks and found that it is not potential buyers, it's my site being indexed by search engine spiders

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