Friday, January 04, 2013

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My Top Seven Favorite New World Notes Posts From 2012

The Matrix and Happiness

Here's the top seven NWN posts I most enjoyed writing and publishing last year -- I hope you enjoy reading them too:


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Metacam Oh

Orca, Hamlet does need to "pay the bills" he needs page views, in case you haven't noticed, SL is a dying platform. Kids watching other kids play minecraft gets more attention than anything SL does. Hell people tapping their nails on youtube for 10 minutes get more page views than an SL video.

Hamlet Au

Orca, how much a year would you be willing to pay to read more SL-focused coverage on NWN?

Kim Anubis

If there was a daily newspaper for virtual worlds coverage that was solidly news (not tabloid stuff or product reviews/showcases), a whole issue each day with various sections and all that, I'd pay typical daily newspaper subscription rates.

Kim Anubis

Btw, although I haven't always agreed with Hamlet, I've found his blog worth reading pretty much daily for years. It's funny as heck to see someone who comes here for news from the land frequently referred to as not-RL telling Hamlet his job isn't real. Which is more real: a prim, or an article about a prim? Anyway, there are valid criticisms you could make about NWN, but accusing Hamlet of not having a "real job" isn't one of them.

Orca Flotta

@ Hamlet: sorry to say but I'm not willing to pay anything for publications on the net. SL or RL.
Apart from that, as Metacam noticed, SL is a dying world, so there are not enough stories in it for a whole publication on a professional level. The other grids are even smaller, so less material to report about. But is that a reason to stray away and report about unrelated stuff like games (uargs) or Kickstarter projects (double uargs) just to save the publicaton that goes by the name of Virtual World News?

@ Kim: well, I check NWN daily, it's in my link collection. But I rarely click on it after seeing the headlines about some technical stuff (like those VR goggles), gaming stuff (i.e. Skyrim) or business stuff (i.e. Kickstarter).
Anyway, what is so funny about an SL resident telling a blog writer that their job isn't real? I dabble with a blog as well, trying to post at least once a day, often exceeding by posting up to 4 stories/day ... I'd never call what I do work or a job.
Have you ever considered what Pixeleen Mistral and her guys over at the Alphaville Herald are doing a job? Or the editors and writers of countless other SL publications? SCD anyone? Those bichies are doing a job?

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