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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


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Marianne McCann

I'll look forward to seeing my notes again. :-)


It's sad to lose this project, so full of whimsy I find too often gone in SL.

That Flickr made it says a lot about who's shaping what online life will be: the Augmenters, not the Immersers.

Arcadia Codesmith

I'm continually irritated that nobody is archiving defunct virtual worlds (game or non-game) like we archive digital pictures. It ought to be possible to put Glitch or City of Heroes or Tabla Rasa into some sort of caretaker status like an interactive Flickr snapshot, so people can still visit and play and study them even after they're no longer in active development.

There's some overhead, sure, but considering the mind-boggling volume of utterly useless crap out there that's being hosted for free, surely somebody could make the numbers work.

Francesca Poppy

*SIGH* I still miss it so... Glitch is the "Firefly" of games.

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