Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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This is Test Footage for an Upcoming Second Life Machinima That Will Almost Certainly Kick Ass

This is test footage for a Second Life machinima about a man on a mission (I guess), yes, and everything about it exudes awesome: The snow, the camera shots, the animations, and... well, just wait for the jet plane:

I didn't even quite believe it was shot in Second Life at first, so showed it to Iris, who also confirmed its SL origin: "The side profile of the nose and lips is a dead giveaway," she observed, "but the animations are great and I think those gloved hands are mesh."

Still more test footage below, watch on:

I shouldn't be so skeptical, because it's by an SLer named Eric Boccara ("TheWapower" on YouTube), who also made this amazing Road Warrior-esque machinima that's also full of awesome.

Second Life test machinima

But how did he create that excellent jet plane shot? And when is this thing going to be ready? I've messaged the machinimator, and will update if I get a reply. Meanwhile, we wait for the full coolness to come.


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Shockwave Yareach

The Jet was a B52.


Finally someone with high end hardware who knows how to use it. Look forward to the finished product.

Bouncer Criss

I hope it is all SL, but the animations and timing are way to good.

Eric Boccara

Everything is filmed in secondlife. And all animations are custom made by myself for the machinima. Every scene has a few tricks up its sleeves

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