Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Jonathan Coulton and My SL Avatar are in a Viral Video Now Blowing Up Because of the Glee Scandal So Here's Why

Jontahan Coulton and Hamlet Au Second Life

I woke up this weekend to messages that my avatar shows up in this video tribute to Jonathan Coulton's cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" which is currently going viral like crazy thanks (or no thanks) to Glee, so in case you're wondering, here's the back story:

In 2006 and Second Life's salad days, Jonathan Coulton made a live appearance in Second Life sponsored by PopSci and Creative Commons, and since the producers made a very JoCo-looking avatar named Yonatan Coalcliff for him to perform through, I interviewed him here, and took this screenshot with my Hamlet Au avatar to accompany it. Many years later -- good lord, seven to be exact -- the TV show Glee aired an episode featuring another cover of "Baby Got Back" which sounded suspiciously similar to Coulton's cover, understandably provoking his ire, and the firestorm of Internet drama that's now exploding. Which is why this video from a few years ago is also going crazy viral and getting filled with flames back and forth between Glee fans and JoCo fans:

And so there you are. Far as who is ripping off whom, not that it matters, but I very much tend to side with Team JoCo. Also, I further concur that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, it is quite invigorating. Anyway, read more about the drama on his site here.

Hat tip: Qarl and Krix.


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Breen Whitman

Its all perfect.

Its beautiful how this issue(and video) transgresses into second life merging the dramatic hurt for a freebie created for fun, and is has being yoinked and being leveraged for financial gain.

Like the freebie sex beds that were being sold for L$150 - L$3000.

I am sure this J Coulton fella is a great guy, but if anyone is capable of drama and hurt(ala Second Life), its a mac using, iPhone owning Hipster.

I shouldn't judge, but Stamp Collecting has died out, and golf seems passe, so I gotta have one hobby...

I love the last photo with the 5 1/2 inch floppy - a throw back to the wild west times of the computer industry with sharing, boot-Leg, BB fights of ownership.

It was all so "hip" and "cool" and "chill"....except when its happening to you.

Adeon Writer

I just now noticed you updated your mixed reality photo!

Pity I missed all the live celebrity guests on SL. Missed them all by one year. Dang.

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