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Saturday, January 19, 2013


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Breen Whitman

Its all perfect.

Its beautiful how this issue(and video) transgresses into second life merging the dramatic hurt for a freebie created for fun, and is has being yoinked and being leveraged for financial gain.

Like the freebie sex beds that were being sold for L$150 - L$3000.

I am sure this J Coulton fella is a great guy, but if anyone is capable of drama and hurt(ala Second Life), its a mac using, iPhone owning Hipster.

I shouldn't judge, but Stamp Collecting has died out, and golf seems passe, so I gotta have one hobby...

I love the last photo with the 5 1/2 inch floppy - a throw back to the wild west times of the computer industry with sharing, boot-Leg, BB fights of ownership.

It was all so "hip" and "cool" and "chill"....except when its happening to you.

Adeon Writer

I just now noticed you updated your mixed reality photo!

Pity I missed all the live celebrity guests on SL. Missed them all by one year. Dang.

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