Friday, January 04, 2013

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New Second Life Art Blog Exposes Itself to World Wide Web

Second Life Art blog

SL Art Exposed is a new blog by Carmsie Melodie covering SL-based art (both in-world and machinima drawn from it) that launched last month but already has several good recommendations of installations to see and explore in SL. Love the masthead image, which combines a reference to prims (SL's original building block for all creation) with (I'm pretty sure), this famous "Expose Yourself to Art" image from the 70s


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Carmsie Melodie

Thanks for the mention and, yes, SL Art Exposed's mast head was "inspired" by that magnificent 70's pic. I just added an SL Art Exhibit Schedule page to the blog today. The aim is to have all the quality SL art exhibitions listed and described in the one place, along with their relevant dates and URLs. I felt a need for this so I hope others find it handy.

Ricco Saenz

The link to the blog takes me to "page not found".

Hamlet Au

Sorry about that, linked fixed!

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