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Friday, January 25, 2013


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jo yardley

Doesn't look very Edwardian to me.
There are lots of pretty good vintage shops and creators in SL that do make historical clothes.
But I don't really see any trace of Downton Abbey in the picture here.


Thanks for the shout out, Hamlet!

CronoCloud Creeggan

Yes not much vintage there but Gogo only wears mesh these days I think. Not much Downton era mesh.

I am also not a fan of her thing for wearing white and shooting against white or pale backgrounds especially with the blur techniques she uses

She does have cute stuff though. Those G Field Eve shoes are well worth getting the willow pack of and they're reasonably priced.

Arabella Jones

The Downton Abbey setting runs from roughly 1912, through the Great War, into the 1920s. There were some big changes in female fashion over that time.

Hamlet, it's pretty easy to check the dates, rather than getting cutesy dumb.

Oh, and the movies "Gosford Park" and "Bright Young Things" are worth a look for inspiration.

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