Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Who Wants a Sneak Preview of SkyDance V in SL Tomorrow?

Skydancers SL art

SkyDance V, the latest iteration of a live virtual dance/multimedia art performance in Second Life that is one of the most ambitious and impressive uses of SL as an artistic medium, is opening very soon. The brainchild of San Francisco artist DC "DanCoyote Antonelli" Spensley, there's a sneak preview of the show tomorrow night at 7pm SLT, and here's some what you can expect:

The ZeroG SkyDancers log into Second Life from all over North America to perform for audiences in real time. The SkyDance V program consists of dramatic in-flight choreography telling a story of an interstellar people whose bliss is to dance forever in the depths of space.

DC is generously offering seats at tomorrow's preview to New World Notes readers -- especially if you're interested in covering it on your own blog too. Here's how you can request a reservation, and some technical information on preparing to attend:

E-mail DC -- spensley at pacbell dot net and include your avatar name. You can also IM his avatar, Dancoyote Antonelli for the press/dress rehearsal preview. Says he:  "[P]eople need to get tickets today or early tomorrow so we can coordinate and get them seated. Best for them to arrive at 6:30PM."

Technical set-up: "Draw distance is 512 (we want them to pull out to see the whole sim to give context and see the choreography)." Settings for your viewer:

  • Enable Advanced menu
  • Disable camera constraints
  • Set to Midnight (they can view mid day if they prefer)
  • Streaming sound On
  • Voice chat On, but microphone muted
  • Turn off animation overrides and take off any chatty attachments and resource heavy attachments

See attached screenshot of graphic settings:

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 12.48.58 PM

If you have the computing power to catch this performance and you can set aside the time to attend, you should make an effort to do so. The show officially debuts on the 30th, and for reservations to those shows, contact SkyBank Alter or Unbelievable Destiny.

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John Branch

I'd love to see that. I'm a dance fan, and I'm always curious to see how performance works in SL (though I admit I haven't visited in a while). But I'm not going to be home at the right time, and I probably don't have the needed computing resources anyway. I hope the performance will be documented in some way. Real dancers do that!

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