Friday, January 18, 2013

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Can SL Secrets Stay 1 Month Drama-Free for a Good Cause?

SL Secrets drama

The editors of Shopping Cart Disco's SL Secrets, a weekly blog post of anonymous secrets from the SL community which is largely a forum where "ugliness is catharsis and entertainment", has issued a challenge to readers who contribute these secrets:

If you people can go Four Weeks starting today without submitting one shitty mean spirited secret... [we] will donate $100 to a charity that you will select via a poll that will be put up later.

More about the challenge here. Basically, it's like the Prisoner's Dilemma, if the prisoners were SL fashionistas and Plurk users! Here's hoping the community of Secrets sharers can keep the meanness to a minimum for a good cause. Like I noted last year, the best way to do that is to follow the lead of Post Secret, and emphasize secrets mainly about oneself, not what one thinks about others.

But will the challenge be accepted?


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Shockwave Yareach

so, a single griefer can waltz up, post something vile, and poof, that money never goes to the charity?

Ichiban Ronin

What's stopping the more morally ambiguous SCD writers from submitting a nasty secret themselves?

They get hits from this ever so generous blog post, continue to get the hits on Sunday and will then use this as an excuse as to why they won't stop SL Secrets and won't accept responsibility.

Ryker B

It's already too late. The bet's already been lost as of the 18th.

Pussycat Catnap

The only time I ever read those secrets pages is in the many times Hamlet chooses to write about them.

If Hamlet didn't write about them, they'd probably dwindle down to a rather small user base.

Mike McKay

I rarely comment, but this post is sending out a very bad message and spreading the damage making it even more difficult for us who devote so much time to building our communities. I would say delete this post immediately, but the damage of advertising negativity has already been done. The "secrets" website (something I had heard about for the first time today) is not a benefit to the industry when it invites anyone to comment on rumors and exploits. In my opinion, this isn't news worth posting.


Really had no idea that blog was still around.Whoa.


Don't worry. Dancien will think up something to post.

Pussycat Catnap

"Really had no idea that blog was still around.Whoa."

I would really appreciate it if Hamlet would stop giving it publicity...

Its the kind of negativity the SL community doesn't need. There are plenty of such places in the SL community where people just circle around in negative vibes and have no substance. None of them need to be promoted.


It will fail miserably because the ENTIRE purpose of SL secrets is to create drama. I've noticed a pattern over the last 6-8 months, though. It seems that 1 or two persons are "targeted" based on some real or imagined plurk incident and several of the "secrets" are very transparent and aimed directly at that person. I think the SCD writers are not only in on who is being targeted, but select the secrets to publish based on that.

NoDrama NoLlama

SL Secret is just like Crimes Against Convention: a bunch of attention-seeking, gossipy drama whores.

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