Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Second Life Redditors on Cringeworthy Avatars in SL

Strange SL avatars

"that one avatar, the one that makes you cringe" is a new thread on the Reddit /secondlife subreddit, and it's a fun if cringe-worthy look at the bizarre avatars they've encountered (both bizarre by design and bizarre by accident). Yes, much of it's not safe for work, including this one by Redditor SeraXI, who reflects (and shares a photo from) this chance meeting of mentors: "We would basically help new users through their first few minutes in SL... [but] I can't imagine how people reacted when she was the first thing they saw on orientation island." I severely cropped her pic but if you see the whole thing, you'll know what she means. (The look on her avatar's face is priceless.)

Others include "ponyriders", avatars "7 feet tall, terrible hair, and gross tan", and (I kinda wish this one came with a screenshot) "a spider-taur that ate like 3 people before i tele'd away." Alrightie then. Much more here.

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Adeon Writer

Now imagine what Linden has to deal with when people make Jira bug reports with screenshots of their latest fetish monstrosity casually pointing out an error in rendering.


Have a look at this satire on fashion blogs for some funny observations about SL avis - http://www.fashionnazis.com/fashion-blog.html

Arabella Jones

Just so nobody else has to look...

Gargantuan prim boobs.

Not just a "turn the dial up to 11" moment, more like "turn the dial up to 22".

I hang out sometimes at one of the volunteer help locations, and we're a varied crowd, including furries and an occasional formless blob, but I have never seen anything that crazy.

Other places I sometimes go, there are AVs with prim boobs, a couple of them based on else-web cartoon characters, but their weapons of mass distraction aren't quite a dead heat in a Zeppelin race.

But if I didn't know of the visual source for those AVs, my reaction would be a bit different.

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