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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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Shockwave Yareach

It is the same head as in the Maker Bot. It gets to the melting point of PVC and a feeder motor pushes solid pvc in one end and liquid comes out the other.

It will need to be treated EXACTLY the same way as Hot Glue guns are treated. And you'll never get this into the ToysRUs. There's no way I can see to guard the hot tip from touching the skin. So expect the liability lawyers to show up with their dinner forks when this goes to market.

Iris Ophelia

I might be mistaken but they don't talk about kids using it at any point, probably for those very reasons. And that's fine? This is clearly being designed as a toy for adults or older kids/teens at least. You wouldn't see it in Toys'r'Us but you would totally see it in Michaels.

Connie Arida

Looks Fun.

Amanda Dallin

Yeah it looks like a hobbyist/artist device. I doubt it'll be huge but will have a good niche market. Kinda like SL.


pvc or abs? otherwise its just a glue gun with colored glue sticks...

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