Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Cloud Party Can Run on Mobile (With Some Geeky Nudging)

Cloud Party on Mobile

Some enterprising Cloud Party users are playing around with hacks that get the web-based virtual world to run in a smartphone or tablet, and getting some pretty good results. Like this screencapture from Jesse, who ran Cloud Party on his Nexus 4, and got about 8-10 frames per second, which is not great, but not totally terrible. This is possible because Cloud Party is driven by WebGL, so you can run it on many mobile/tablet browsers:

Juergen Kappus, for instance, got Cloud Party running on his Samsung T700 Windows tablet in Chrome and Firefox, but not in Opera. Cloud Party isn't officially designated to be mobile-based (at least not yet), so this is still mostly geeky fun. But I kind of suspect the official Cloud Party developers are keeping an eye on mobile for future iterations.

Hat tip: NWN reader Esprite.

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The ultimate benefit of building for the browser: Google and Mozilla will build your client for you for whatever operating system and device that pops up.

Adeon Writer

Hoping for a dedicated app. Would greatly prove weither or not there is interest in tablet-based VW's. (My opinion is there isn't, but I'd love to be pleasantly surprised.)

Jürgen Kappus


I habe to mention the following:

Samsung T700 is a Windows Tablet, that is as powerfull als a regular Notebook - no suprise, that Cloud Party runs on it.

Cloud Party also runs (if you don't care about usability and some crashes) on some real Android Smartphones and Tablets.

A native App might be a solution for the next two years, but not for the future. An Application (App) is one of the two biggest problems of Second Life in business a context.

If you need Apps for 3D you also can ask for the comeback of the Flash Player - my opinion.

Jürgen Kappus
E-Learning Spechialist, CEO ka:media interactive GmbH

Jürgen Kappus

sorry for text mistakes - I used my mobile phone.

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