Friday, February 08, 2013

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Creations for Parkinson's, an SL Sim & Support Group for People With the Disease, Their Caregivers, and Researchers

Creations for Parkinsons SL support sim 3

Click here to directly teleport to the Creations for Parkinson's site on the Second Life sim of Solace Lake, which is the place that Barbie Alchemi created for her real life mother, Fran Seranade, who reports experiencing some physical recovery from her Parkinson's symptoms as a direct result of using Second Life, as I wrote about yesterday. Barbie's place also hosts a support group for others with Parkinsons' and their caregivers, often hosted by Fran herself. To join the support group, search for and join the group "Creations for Parkinson's" in Second Life.

As I mentioned in the post, the sim is also now connected to a research project led by Donna Z. Davis (PhD), an Assistant Professor at University of Oregon (avatar name: Tredi Felisimo), studying how virtual worlds like Second Life might help others with Parkinson's. "We also have a group called 'Fran's Fans. That will be for the people who are participating in the research, specifically," she tells me. "We'll be adding another sim, exclusively for research, that will have to remain closed for privacy. I hope to have the research sim up and running by mid-March and expect to start recruiting new folks for the research at that point." But if you're interested in participating now, search and join the Fran's Fans group in Second Life.

More about Creations for Parkinson's -- where to go, what to do, and who to meet -- below:

"The sim is always open," says Davis. "There are usually events in the evenings (6-8 pm SLT). Currently there is a support group meeting on Thursday mornings from 10-11:00am SLT. Fran, herself, leads those discussions. The support group that meets now includes folks with Parkinson's and caregivers (like Barbie) and is open to new members. The support group meets in a secure site (we had griefers show up one week!) so we just ask that people who want to come to support group meetings to introduce themselves to Barbie and she will provide a LM."
Creations for Parkinsons SL support sim 2

As for the sim itself: "Barbie's sim is a lovely sim full of shops, gardens, trails, wonderful areas to sit and chat, and a number of places for dancing. She has DJ's there nearly every weeknight from 6-8pm SLT. That sim is truly Barbie's passion and seems to be a work in progress. She's always adding some new feature!"

Creations for Parkinsons SL support sim

You may even get meet Fran there someday, in amid many things she does there: riding horseback, sailing a boat, meditating, leading support sessions, practicing tai chi (the thing which helped her recover some physical ability) or enjoying some grand piano serenade with her daughter, and Barbie's real life brother, known in SL as AlmostThere Inventor.

All photos courtesy Barbie

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Stone Semyorka

This Creations for Parkinson's sim is one of the finest new builds I've seen in a long time. Well thought out and executed with numerous different venues and secret places to visit and relax. It's a gorgeous multifaceted experience for anyone.

ZZ Bottom

And for once hopefull the Lab will understand the will and need to support and cheer this sims!
Cause ity wold make me rethink seriosly my involvement with a comapny that would let this project blow due to lack of funds!
A warming for sure, and hope not oly mine, there are things no money can buy!
Listen Rod, be proud and supportive of this and other projects, is not all about gaming!

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