Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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How to Promote SL Events on NWN -- E-Mail or Tweet Links With Images, Info, SLurls. (No SL Notecards PLEASE)

Promoting SL events

I get a lot of requests to cover events in Second Life on New World Notes, and I try to cover as many as I can, but there's several challenges that generally make me less likely to do so:

  • Due to its server architecture, only a few dozen people can usually attend any single event at any given time, which makes them less relevant for a single, standalone NWN post.
  • There's a lot of events in Second Life, so it takes a lot to convince me (or indeed, any other SL user) that a particular event is worth attending or mentioning.
  • Many people send me info about the event via an SL notecard, which is extremely difficult and time-consuming to convert into a blog post.

That said, here's SL events I'm much more likely to feature on New World Notes and the social networks connected to it:

Event info that's Tweeted at me. Tweet the info to my Twitter account @SLHamlet. I'll retweet the best and most interesting to my followers (nearly 4000 so far), which hopefully they'll retweet to their followers as well. Here's the info you should put in the Tweet: Day and time in SLT (i.e. Pacific), SLurl link or link to a website with the SLurl, along with other info/pictures related to the event. Leave at least 15 characters free in the Tweet so it can be easily retweeted. Include a very brief but evocative description of the event -- convince people why they should attend!

Event info that's e-mailed to me as a content-rich LINK. It's much easier and more appealing to post or Tweet/Plurk/Facebook a web or blog link with clear compelling screenshots and descriptions related to the event, and a clear SLurl, rather than a long e-mail where all that information must be extracted manually.

Events that run over an extended period, as opposed to a few hours. As suggested above, I'd rather feature an event that several hundred or thousand people are able to attend, rather than some dozens.

What's a good example of what I mean? Check out this event featured on the blog of Kara Trapdoor, which comes with clear and compelling description, cool screenshots, and a very easy to find SLurl.

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Amanda Dallin

Wish you'd published this one last week. I would have sent you info on our 9 hour long Mardi Gras Party today.

Kiran Sporg

Wish I had known, we had a 8 hour Beatle Day featuring 15 live musicans covering their favorite Beatle songs on 2/2..topped at about 95 avatars (we have 2 sims).. was a great event, give or take a couple crashes LOL!

Bixyl Shuftan

I still remember when Hamlet and I dropped into the same event at the same time. ;-)

Arcadia Codesmith

The SL Live Music Jams are real-world gatherings of SL musicians, streamed to multiple venues in world so they can be viewed by a large audience. Tampa wrapped up a few weeks ago. I believe the Maryland Mid-Atlantic Jam is coming up at the end of April, London is in June, and I don't know if Nashville and Chicago are on the calendar yet, but I'm betting they will be.

I don't have the details, but they have a central Facebook page for all the jams and individual event pages.

As far as I know, there's no overall jam czar, but I know Annan Dreamscape is helping organize the Mid-Atlantic jam, if some enterprising journalist wanted to contact her for more details.

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