Monday, February 11, 2013

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SL Founder Philip Rosedale Working on Another 3D Project

Philip Rosedale 3D project

Well now, what to make of this: Philip Rosedale is now developing a secret project involving 3D graphics, and hiring a developer who can help him in this mission. It's possible it might relate to his first 3D project, that is to say Second Life; then again, Philip (along with Mitch Kapor) recently invested in Sunglass, described as "Google Docs for 3D Objects", so it could be connected to that too.

I've asked Philip for more details, and maybe he might give us a hint or two.

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Great, I just unfollowed Philip because of these stupid weightloss tweets and then some interesting news appear. That is the problem with Twitter. 1 billion spam tweets and then 1 worth reading. I never get it.

Amanda Dallin

I doubt anything will come of it. Philip has lost his touch.

Brookston Holiday

Maybe he's just lonely.

Shockwave Yareach

I do not work for people who cannot stay focused on a product past launch and flit from fanciful idea to fanciful idea. Had he stayed and gotten the problems in SL ironed out, I would be able to take him seriously. But SL is still stuck in 2005 and will forever be so, since the creator lost interest in his not-new-anymore toy and reneged on his dreams of a "virtual world", handing it instead over to idiots who believe SL is a "sandbox" instead.

I won't even consider working for someone who follows his dream d' jour without completing previous dreams. Perhaps he sees himself as the modern version of Edison. Fact is, Edison finished what he started instead of expecting broken stuff to magically fix itself.

Kala Bijoux

Maybe Qarl is available ;)


Y'all stop it. He just wants better hair for his avatar, when this project gets done.

On to the next new and shiny object.

Hitomi Tiponi

Hope he does better with this venture than with Coffee & Power.

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