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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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Well this is my favorite game that Secondads has to offer . I have been hunting coins pretty much since the beginning and I keep going back to hunting over and over again . They offer several different games that help with traffic and also help SLers win Lindens , and yes you can end your day with a nice chunk of change :)

It also makes sense for the landowners who place the coins and gems on their lands for traffic as it comes in different packs and they have full control on how much they want to invest in the traffic system .

AS a disclaimer , yes I work for SecondAds, but I was a hunter for a year before I went to work for them .

Fritzfranz Fride

This game is the one that put my focus first to SecondAds. The game does exactly what is promised: brings you traffic to exactly those points on your land where you need it or want it.
As long as i had my fleamarket my land was even ranked #1 in the list at the end.
Like with all games or tools: you sureley have to take care of it so that it really works fine and proper: filling up empty coins before the hunters get angry etc.
What i also did was laying out the one or other "fake gem" or "fake coin" for hunters that uses the area search to look for coins and gems!
I never participated in the possibility to build a clan for hunters. But i guess that could be fun for them too.
I' think the coins/gems are updated meanwhile too a bit so the time when they reappear is hopefully a bit more random (for the gems and gold coin) so that hunters cannot know when they have to come back.
My upshot on this item: i would use it every time again if i need traffic for my land or buisness. Full control over how much L$ i want to invest and full control over the exact spot where i want visitors to look around.

Greetings Fritz


Been playing this game for over a year. Love it. :)

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